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Alex MacDonald Bio

Corey Bennett



Golf Coach

Strength & Conditioning Coach

PGA of Canada

Brand: Titleist

Education & Career Accomplishments:

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Certification

Corey was born and raised in New Glasgow, NS and started playing golf at the age of 4. He attended STFX University and graduated with a science degree majoring in geology and minoring in physiology while playing Junior A Hockey. Corey's first experience working as a coach was in Hockey working with Nova Scotia Minor Hockey Teams here in Nova Scotia. After completing his education Corey moved to Halifax where he became a certified personal trainer specializing in CrossFit.

Corey's love for geology brought him on many adventures around the world including living in Australia and New Zealand for 2 years being able to experience some of the most beautiful courses in the world. 

Upon returning home, Corey competed and continues to compete in amateur CrossFit competitions as well pushing his golf experience to new levels. The major in geology has put his education to use in golf spending the last three golf seasons as a caddy and bartender for Cabot Links. Course management is something Corey excels in, understanding the elements and physics of the land and its components comes natural to him and only compliments his abilities as a caddy and coach. 

In 2021, Corey Successfully passed his PAT to join the PGA of Canada, completed his TPI Level 1, as well as had his first experience caddying in a PGA Tour Canada event.  

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