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“I was shooting mid-low 80's before I started training at Hole9Golf, I struggled with arid tee shots, inconsistency and short game. Working with Daylan over the fall & winter I've gained confidence over the ball improving on all shots. I still have a lot of training ahead of me but I'm on the right track and I'm surrounded by a team that keeps me on track at Hole9Golf."

Luca Virick, Junior Athlete

"Before I started with Daylan I had not played very much golf. I was struggling to just make consistent contact. The lessons have been great so far. Again and Again, he shows he's in this to make his clients better golfers. he goes the extra mile to study your swing, so he can best help correct it. He's gone out of his way to give me extra practice time on the weekends and checks in to find out how it went. He's a top notch instructor and truly cares for his clients. Would recommend to anyone."

Ian Presse, Dentist, Canada Forces

Daylan has completely changed my golf game. Before working with him, I could barely make consistent ball contact and shoot below 100. Golf for me soon became more frustrating than fun, which led to me seeking lessons from Daylan at Hole9Golf. When Daylan became my coach, my game and understanding of the golf swing because so much better. I'm now shooting 70/s and plan on competiting in the NS Amateur in 2021. His Knowledge of the game and commitment to making his clients the best golfers they can be makes him a great coach. If you're looking to become a great golfer or have more fun at the course, do yourself a favour and get in contact with Daylan McNamara at Hole9Golf

Liam Brennan, Student, Saint Mary's University

Before working with Alex, I had a lot of limitations on my lead side which restricted hip mobility, resulting in loss of power. Alex addressed this limitation by providing a excellent program specific to golf and adjusting workouts based off my needs. I am now feeling very loose, powerful and super pumped to continue improving my club and ball speed. I'm very confident I'll be averaging 300yd drives by the start of golf season.

Liam Brennan, Student, Saint Mary's University

A friend asked me to sign up for the golf fitness program offered by Alex. I am glad I did! I am a regular at the gym, doing weekly group classes and signed up knowing I need to work on my flexibility. I highly recommend this program for anyone - even if you are not a golfer. The Cardio exercises are dynamic and fun; the core and flexibility exercises are challenging. After the program, my range of motion was greatly improved. I gained lower body strength and learned to use my lower body to gain power through my golf swing. I added about 20 yards on my driver and hybrids (when I manage to hit the sweet spot). I am looking forward to doing this program again and highly recommend it.

Laureen Russel,  Senior Executive Assistant, Philanthrophy 

I approached Daylan at Hole9Golf late 2020 having not received any formal golf training since my days as a junior 20 years ago. He first completed a TPI functional assessment to identify any physical limitations to overcome, then took me back to the basics of the game formulating a structured plan for improvement over the winter months. His attention to detail as well as top notch technology have helped to make changes in the areas of weight transfer and swing plane resulting in more consistent ball striking heading into this golf season. I would recommend Daylan to others based on his passion for developing golfers while constantly striving to better himself as a coach. He genuinely cares about his clients improving and having fun in the process.

Nate Theriault, Financial Planner, Royal Bank

Before I started at Hole9Golf, my game was inconsistent and didn't maximize the potential of my body or abilities. Daylan helped me realize that I could quickly improve my accuracy, consistency and distance by doing simple things like changing club path, face angle or using ground force for lower body rotation. During the sessions, Daylan breaks down my swing with video and analytics and clearly articulates how I can improve and why. I was able to correct several aspects of my game immediately. Daylan is a great communicator, fun to work with and very knowledgeable as a swing coach. After every session I feel more confident with my game, and my ability to perform more consistently. I would 100% recommend Daylan and Hole9Golf to anyone who wants to learn golf and fine tune their swing. 

Corey M Yantha, Founder & CEO, Dispension Industries Inc.

I am so excited to share my experience working with Daylan at Hole9Golf! First off, I started to get into the golf world about 2 years ago and my game was all over the place. It was embarrassing. I had no idea what I was doing. When I started to take swing coaching with Daylan, he was able to clearly break down the mobility and mechanics of a golf swing so that I could understand. 

It's been roughly 6 months now, and I can already see how my swing has improved. I am now hitting better and more consistent shots than I could have imagined. I feel more confident and even more eager to learn and play! Daylan and the whole team at Hole9Golf are so passionate and genuinely want to see you not only improve but enjoy the game itself. I can't say enough about this team and I recommend anyone who's just starting or experienced to work with them. 

Courtney Hebert, Business Administrator, Acura

Before starting with Daylan and Hole9Golf, I was fairly new to the game using the internet and swing videos trying to improve, although they helped, it truly never got me to the level I wanted to be with the lack of understanding of key components to help a golf game. I played a draw that would be a hook with a very inside out swing and rolling my hands over at impact. I also lacked confidence with anything to do with wedges 100 yards and in and pitch shots were my worst nightmare, it seemed to be only shanks, duffs, or bladed shots. Daylan made me realize my potential in this game. I already had decent ball striking ability with good characteristics in my golf swing but through this journey of swing changes. he helped me neutralize club path and face angle. Made me understanding ground force and attack angles. He helped my wedge game immensely where I don't have anxiety with a wedge in my hand and I can have confidence in my wedge game. Overall, working with Daylan on my golf swing has been an amazing experience. Getting the confidence to play different shots in situation where working the ball, trajectory, knowing yardages, different swings depending on the club. Things I never thought I could do are now a reality and I can't wait to attack my 2021 golf goals. No matter where your game is, Daylan and the Hole9Golf team can identify where your game may lack through TPI screening, technology and overall knowledge. On top of world class hospitality helping you feel at home and caring about the changes and goals you make. If you want help with your game, Daylan and Hole9Golf should be the first place you consider.

Blake Cogswell, Pipefitter, Pratt & Whitney

Before starting with Daylan my miss was a push, my tempo was way off and I had an extremely steep AOA. I was very inconsistent in my swing and my play. Daylan helped me adjust my tempo while learning to use the ground properly to create more stability, speed and distance. Right now we are working on wrist position and impact position. He has helped me improve in every part of my game. I don't think I've ever been more excited to start a season and take everything I've learned and bring it to the course. I'm confident that this is the year with Daylan and his teams help I will become a single digit handicap. I highly recommend Daylan and the whole crew at Hole9Golf they really do want to see people improve and score better. They couldn't be better at explaining, demonstrating and making sure you understand what you're doing and more importantly why they want you to make that change. If you're serious about your game and what to improve, going to Hole9Golf is a no brainer. 

Jason Tibbo, Veteran, Canadian Armed Forces - Airforce

I was very inconsistent before visiting Hole9Golf. Daylan helped understand the mechanics of a golf swing, set up, grip, posture, club selection and the basic fundamentals of a golf swing. He helped me feel more confident and helped me add distance and accuracy to each club. My ball striking has been very consistent and I've learned a lot about short game and how to use my wedges properly. I would recommend Daylan because he has a patient and personable with his teaching. He takes the time to look at each player individually and figures out what they need to learn and improve their game because everyone's swing is different. 

Jessica Upton, Registered Nurse, Cardiac Surgery QEll

I was lacking in both hip and shoulder mobility and strength, because of it I would put a lot of pressure on my knees and lead to early extension in my golf swing. Before I met Alex, I couldn't even jump due to the pain in my knees. Alex helped me build a strong foundation for my body. We worked a lot on stretches, core and lower body training. Right now I am able to turn more and shift more pressure into my heels in my swing instead of my toes and it helps my weight transfer so I don't experience knee pain. We have built a solid foundation and are going to improve my power and strength in the next couple of months. My final goal is to play better golf with a stronger and healthier body, thanks to the guys at Hole9Golf.   

Ben Chen, Financial Planner

My golf game has always been pretty good but it definitely was not consistent. I was sitting at a 4.5 Handicap with my misses being left or right. After working with Daylan at Hole9Golf for only a few sessions, Daylan has made me understand the mechanics and fine intricacies that make my swing unique to me. He has taught me to trust my swing and be confident in my game rather than play with emotions and find patience. My Distance have increased and my wedge game is dialed in. He gives great insight from his experience but doesn't overwhelm you with too much information at one time. This has been and is a well structured process and Daylan is very educated and supportive the entire time. I have recommended him and the Hole9Golf team to all my friends and will continue to recommend them. Very very impressed!

Robert Sanford, Canadian Armed Forces- Navy

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