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Blake Savoie


Teaching Professional

PGA of Canada

TPI Level 1

Brand: Titleist

Blake played competitive golf as a junior, as well as worked at two golf clubs throughout his junior career, teaching junior clinics. From a very early age, golf became Blake's number one passion, by 15, he left his other sports to put a full time focus on his golf game. Blake developed quickly as a junior that included winning several local junior events.

After struggling with some medical issues, Blake was forced to give up the game throughout his recovery with the expectation that he would never play again. Being the athlete that Blake was, he worked hard to regain mobility and develop a swing that would help him play the game even if it was not going to be at the caliber he was previously capable of playing. Through endless hard work, Blake was able to surpass his expectations and develop his game to a higher level than ever, successfully joining the PGA on his first attempt in July 2023. Blake is well versed in his knowledge of the game and is officially TPI certified as of July 2023 as well.

Blake wanted to join the Hole9Golf team because our expertise is in understanding the human body and the biomechanics of the golf swing. An injury took him away from a game he loved and he wants to help people work with their limitations and work with a team that understands that every swing is different.

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